Maison Broderie, sale of industrial embroidery machines

If you work in the textile world, as a designer or entrepreneur, an industrial embroidery machine can be very useful. Indeed, to personalise fabrics with a professional finish, there is nothing better than having this digital embroidery machine! However, an industrial embroidery machine represents a significant investment. It is therefore important to make the best choice to obtain quality equipment.

User experience

At Maison Broderie, we are first and foremost users of our embroidery machines. We use them for our workshop.

Payment facilities

We offer payment by instalments of x3, x4, x6 and x8 to spread your investment.

Telephone switchboard

Our switchboard is available from Monday to Friday for all commercial callback requests.

Demonstration & Training

We welcome you by appointment to our showroom in Avignon for a demonstration or training.


Home delivery

Our embroidery machines are delivered on pallets by TNT/FedEx to your home with unloading in the DRC.

English after-sales service

Our after-sales service is composed of a team of technicians who can advise you by e-mail at

Who are we?

Maison Broderie is a company, based in Avignon (84) and specialized in the sale of industrial embroidery machines. Since 2015, after more than 5 years of activity in the textile printing sector including embroidery, the company Maison Broderie was created in 2019.

And that’s where our Maison Broderie shop comes in! We offer for sale an industrial embroidery machine designed to meet the requirements of the textile world. If you want to know more about Maison Broderie, you’ve come to the right place!

Why switch from textile printing to selling professional embroidery machines?

As a textile customisation workshop, we realised how difficult it was to find a reliable, affordable and easy to use professional embroidery machine on the French market. We therefore worked for a year with the manufacturer Jiangsu Bai to propose an embroidery machine that would meet the requirements of the French market while remaining affordable for textile designers and printers.   

Our experience in the use of our digital embroidery machine, the textile printing sector and the privileged relationship with our manufacturer allows us to propose a robust and high quality professional equipment.

Our industrial embroidery machine is not only very efficient, it is available at an affordable price. Our machine is equipped with 15 needles that allow you to embroider up to 12 colours. The embroidery surface is 35 cm by 50 cm. In terms of efficiency, our machine operates at an adjustable speed of up to 1,000 rpm with a built-in 10″ LCD computer. It also has an automatic colour change system and an automatic thread cutting system, ideal for saving time!

Our professional quality embroidery machine

If you buy a professional embroidery machine from our Maison Broderie shop, you will receive a set of additional accessories. Among other things, you will get 10 accessories including a bobbin threader, 12 thread spools and a toolbox. You also get 12 frames in 6 different sizes from 6 x 3 cm to 50 x 35 cm, as well as a cap and shoe frame. In addition, an aluminium frame and an extension table are also included.

For your convenience, a support table with wheels is supplied with our industrial embroidery machine. In order to make it easier for you to set up and use the machine, a user’s manual and a USB flash drive are provided. The USB key is not only used to guide you through the start-up process. The USB stick is not only used to guide you through the start-up process, but also contains videos on how to use the machine and how to maintain it in the best possible way! The USB stick also contains 160,000 patterns, so it will be a great help.

Why choose our industrial embroidery machine?

We are working to provide a high performance industrial embroidery machine that will meet the needs of textile professionals. With the help of the toolbox and the videos on the USB stick, setting up our industrial embroidery machine is child’s play. Once plugged in, all you have to do is switch it on and use it!

Unlike other brands, our industrial embroidery machine comes with many accessories, many of which are essential. So you don’t have to buy them in addition. This saves you time and money and allows you to start your embroidery immediately after receiving your embroidery machine.

With this embroidery machine you have many possibilities, so you can let your creativity run wild! Shoes, caps, t-shirts, trousers, you can embroider and personalise every piece of fabric around you! Our industrial embroidery machine is perfectly suited for professional use and meets the French criteria of the clothing world.