Changes in tariffs 1 November 2022

From November 1st 2022, and considering the following factors, the selling price of our industrial embroidery machines will be :

  • 6290€ HT for our 15 needles single head embroidery machine
  • 10290€ HT for our 15 needles two-head embroidery machine

We are forced to increase our prices for several reasons:
Improvement of the thread cutting system with more expensive parts,

  • Creation of a starter pack with many consumables (needles, stabilizers, lubricating pen,…)
  • Improvement of our packaging for all accessories,
  • Increase in our production costs and raw materials
  • Significant increase in our sea freight costs.
  • Fall of the €uro against the dollar which leads to an increase in our manufacturing costs


Despite the “Fuel Surchage”, a price supplement applied by our carriers in the face of rising transport costs, we have decided to maintain the price of our shipments.
Collection of the order from our storage in Avignon is still possible.

Payment by instalments:

Payment by instalments of up to 8 months is still available and free of charge.

Our quotations are valid for 1 month, so do not hesitate to request a quotation before November 1st 2022: 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

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