Delivery and installation guide for your Maison Broderie embroidery machine


Your embroidery machine is shipped within 24-48 hours after receipt of payment.

In case of a stock shortage, the expected shipping date is indicated on the product page before purchase and on your invoice. In case of a delay on the expected delivery date, you will receive an email.

When your embroidery machine is shipped, you will receive an email with a TNT tracking number that will allow you to know the delivery date of our carrier.

We work with TNT/FedEx for all our shipments. The reception after shipment is done in 48-72h working days.

Unloading is included, which means that on delivery, the driver can unload the pallet wherever you want on the ground floor.



Open the top of the wooden box with a flat screwdriver to remove the metal fixings. You will then find your user manual and a USB stick.

To open the wooden box, you have a video on your USB key:





Your embroidery machine is fixed directly under the pallet with two bolts. You will find an Allen key in the pallet (toolbox or accessory box) that will allow you to remove the two bolts.

We advise you to remove all the elements in the pallet and the 4 sides before removing the embroidery machine.



To install the support table, you have a video on your USB key:

  • Videos
  • Tuto
  • “Mounting_Support ” video

After mounting your support table, you can put your embroidery machine on it. The machine alone weighs about 95kg.

Your machine is tested with the 50*35cm frame and the cap frame before shipping. The tension adjustment is done on a fabric with stabilizer. It may be necessary to adjust the tension after threading or if the fabric to be embroidered is changed.

Now that your embroidery machine is on its stand, you can thread the bobbins of your choice.

You have a video on your USB stick to help you thread the bobbins:

  • Videos
  • Tutorials
  • “Threading

Now that the threading is done, all you have to do is plug in your embroidery machine.

Before starting an embroidery, you must put the support table on a stand and not on wheels.

The cap frame is installed directly on the machine.

To remove the cap frame, you have a video on your USB key:

  • Videos
  • Tuto
  • “Embroidery_Cap ” at 1 :30mn

To install the frame for T-shirts and other textiles, you have a video on your USB key:

  • Videos
  • Tutorials
  • “Embroidery-Tshirts” video

When you receive your machine, we invite you to read our user’s manual, to watch all the “Help & Support” videos and to consult our articles on our blog such as: “How to improve the rendering of my embroidery”.

You will also find on your USB key a set of advice files on embroidery software and frequently asked questions.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance request at

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