How can I improve the look of my embroidery?

It can happen that you get an embroidery that is not satisfactory. There are many reasons for this discrepancy between the expected embroidery and the final result. Maison Broderie offers you a list of adjustments and tips to improve your embroidery according to your expectations.

These tips can be applied to other embroidery machines.



First of all, it is necessary to check if the threading of your embroidery machine is correct.

With your Maison Broderie embroidery machine you received a USB stick attached to our user manual. In this USB stick you will find a “videos” file. Among these videos, open our “threading” video.

After threading with the help of our video, pull your thread down to check that the thread does not get stuck.

Always check the level of your bar. To adjust the bar after threading, raise the bar as high as it will go and then lower it until you hear two “ticks”.

The level of the bar should be as shown in the photo.




Once you have checked that your embroidery machine is threaded correctly, you can adjust the tension of the bobbin. Our machine has two knobs for this purpose. If you turn to the left, the thread will be less taut. Turning to the right, the thread will be tighter. After adjusting the tension, pull the thread down as you would when threading to check the strength of the thread on your bobbin.

Make several attempts with a single colour embroidery with the needle on which you have set your thread tension to find the optimum tension.

To set the tension of all your needles, we recommend that you create a “text” file directly on your USB key with 12 letters “I”. Then assign each “I” a different needle. Start the embroidery and you can then adjust the tension of the needles on which the result is not satisfactory.


Bobbin thread tension

In 95% of cases, the bobbin tension is responsible for poor embroidery results. First check that the direction of rotation of your bobbin is correct. After checking the direction of rotation, you can adjust the tension of your bobbin in two places with a flathead screwdriver supplied in our toolbox. When pulling the thread from the bobbin, you should feel a resistance. Be careful, too much resistance in the bobbin thread will not allow your embroidery machine to recover the bobbin thread. You must therefore find the optimum tension by carrying out several tests, as you would for the tension of your bobbins.



What you need to know

The bobbin thread tension will cause changes in the embroidery rendering on all your needles.

The bobbin thread tension will only change the embroidery effect on the needle on which the bobbin thread is located.


Other tracks

If you do not notice any improvement after these adjustments, the problem may also come from :

The quality of your bobbin,
A bad threading of your bobbin thread,
A problem with your embroidery file (embroidery stitches).


If after all these adjustments you still cannot obtain a satisfactory result, do not hesitate to contact us at

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