New partnership: Maison Broderie X ZDigitizing

This article allows us to communicate to all our customers the partnership we have set up with the company ZDigitizing and the advantages that result from it.

ZDigitizing company: provides embroidery digitizing and vector art services. They initially established their embroidery digitizing company in 2002, which later expanded to become a worldwide digitizing business. They have a highly-skilled digitizing team capable of handling even the most challenging and complex designs with precision for embroidery digitization.

Customers provide them photos of their logos, and they convert them into embroidery formats for use on computerized embroidery machines. They have a staff of highly skilled embroidery digitizers that have a combined total of thousands of digitized embroidered logos and designs to their credit.



We have accepted the establishment of this partnership for the quality of their embroidery Digitizing.

Indeed, it is this service that we wish to offer to our customers.


What is the digitization of an embroidery file:

ZDigitizing is converting an image into a machine embroidery file format with super fast turnaround. Which is called Embroidery digitizing and logo digitization. Digitizing for Embroidery isn’t the same, just like converting one picture format to another. Instead of that, logo digitization converts any graphical shape into beautiful stitches for embroidery machines that can be placed on any fabric.


The advantages of ZDigitizing services:

  • Excellent quality
  • Super fast turnaround
  • Manual digitizing
  • Free editing and revision
  • Free design backup
  • Get a preview before pay
  • 3D secure payment method
  • 24\7 live support
  • Turnaround time is 4 -12 Hours.  if there is no urgency, Incase you require urgent then they deliver it within 1-4 hours.


Examples of Prices of ZDigitizing embroidery digitizing: 

  1. For 1 color 5000 points they charge 8$
  2. For 10 colors with 50000 points they Charge 32$


Advantages for Maison Broderie customers:

A gift card worth 200€ to be used on the Z Digitizing website will be given to all our customers.

For new customers, the gift card will be delivered with the embroiderer.

For our former customers, you just have to make a request via this form:

To get your gift card:

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