Our embroidery machines

Our single-headed embroiderers

Our single head industrial embroidery machine is ideal to start with industrial embroidery and professionalize your creations. With its 50*35cm embroidery surface, automatic thread cutter, automatic colour change and speed of up to 1000 rpm, our industrial embroidery machine can meet all embroidery requirements. The threading and tension adjustment of your embroidery machine is done before shipping. We guarantee that your embroidery machine will be operational as soon as it is received.

Single head machine

Multi-head machine

Our multi-head embroiderers

Our multi-head embroidery machines are designed for customers who want to do mass embroidery. With their 15 needles per head, our embroidery machines will allow a fast and precise work. The embroidery field is 50*40cm. As with our single head embroidery machine, a wide range of accessories is included in the purchase. We carry out a long testing and adjustment phase before shipment so that you can use your new work tool intensively and for a long time.