What are the advantages of embroidery in textile personalization?

Embroidery in textile personalisation has several advantages:

1 : Quality: embroidery is a high quality personalisation method that allows for professional and durable finishes.

More and more Schools and companies are deciding to carry out personalisation using embroidery only. The quality of the embroidery rendering encourages them to offer this type of printing only for the textiles of various promotions and events. 

2 : Durability: unlike printing, embroidery is resistant to washing and rubbing, so it can last longer.

You will not see any change over time. The embroidery will remain the same after many years. As embroidery is a technique that maintains a good quality over time, we recommend using a good quality fabric.

3 : Flexibility: embroidery can be used on a variety of materials, including clothing, accessories, bedspreads, etc.

Our Maison Broderie industrial embroidery machines come with a wide range of embroidery backing materials to embroider on caps, bags, shoes, T-shirts, sweatshirts, towels and many other materials! At Maison Broderie, our goal is to offer industrial embroidery machines with a wide range of accessories to meet all your customers’ needs! 


4 : Creativity: embroidery allows you to create unique and personalized designs that can be used for different purposes such as workwear, uniforms, gifts, etc.

In embroidery, you can define different types of stitches. Unlike other printing techniques, you can therefore add relief to the details of your designs. 

5 : Added value: embroidery can add perceived value to a product, thus increasing its commercial value.

You can use embroidery as an added value to your textile brand or to second hand textiles. Maison Broderie customers offer embroidery personalisation on second-hand textiles. The interest is to add value to the textile by giving it an added value. 

6 : The possibility of targeting specific markets: companies can use embroidery to personalize products for specific customer groups or for special events.

By adding embroidery to textile personalisation techniques, you can reach new customers. Some companies and customers only want embroidery. By equipping yourself with an industrial embroidery machine, you can open up a new market. 

If you are interested in embroidery for a textile customisation project or a brand launch, please contact us!

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