How to get started in textile customization

Getting started in textile personalization

You already have a textile personalization workshop specialized in flocking, silk-screening and you wish to meet the growing demand for embroidery personalization?

We have many customers who subcontract their embroidery request and who now wish to be able to answer this request by being autonomous.

We also have people who want to start the workshop and who make the right choice to propose directly the embroidery in the customization techniques.

Whatever your profile, our industrial embroidery machines and their accessories can meet your needs.



Which industrial embroidery machine should I use to start my business?

We offer two models:

A single head embroidery machine:

Single head industrial embroidery machine

Multi-head embroidery machines:

Industrial two-head embroidery machine

Our single head industrial embroidery machine is ideal to get started in industrial embroidery and professionalize your creations. With its embroidery surface of 50*35cm, its automatic thread cutter, automatic color change and its speed up to 1000 rpm, our industrial embroidery machine allows to answer all the embroidery demands. Many accessories are included:

List of accessories:

Support table
Embroidery support cap
Bag/shoe embroidery stand
11 embroidery frames in 6 different sizes
Tool box
Aluminum Frame
Extension table
Bobbin winder
15 bobbins

The threading and tension adjustment of your embroidery machine is done before shipping. We assure you an operational embroidery machine as soon as we receive it.

Our multi-head embroidery machines are designed for customers who want to do mass production embroidery. With their 15 needles per head, our embroidery machines will allow a fast and precise work. The embroidery field is 50*40cm. As with our single head embroidery machine, a wide range of accessories is included with the purchase.

On our website, you can find our 15 needles single head embroidery machine and 15 needles double head embroidery machine:

To place an order, simply add the model you want to the cart and make the payment by credit card, bank transfer or installment plan.

If you wish to purchase a 4 or 8 head embroidery machine, please contact us by email for a quote:


Do I need embroidery software?

We recommend the use of an embroidery software because it will allow you to respond quickly to the demand.
You have the possibility to scan automatically and to save the file in .DST format, readable by our embroiderer.


Wilcom Logiciels de broderie professionnel - Megret & Fils


Hatch is a recent software edited by Wilcom. There are already several software edited by Wilcom that have proven themselves. For example, Wilcom Embroidery studio e4.

Due to the positive feedback from our customers, we have tested the 30-day trial of the Hatch software. After this trial, we recommend that you download the software yourself! A more intuitive interface than other software, many features and especially a digitizing of your logos/images that generates automatic embroidery stitches of good quality.

How to download the 30 day trial version of Hatch?

The Hatch website is entirely in English. However, you can download your software in French to try it for 30 days. To do so, you just have to create a customer account on their website:

Click on  » Download free trial  » then  » Create a free account for your trial « .

After creating your account, you will receive an email that will allow you to validate your account. Once your account is validated, you can go back to the website at the page : to download your trial version in French.

If you wish to have a quality rendering, it is sometimes necessary to call upon the services of embroidery digitizing professionals. Some logos are complex to digitize automatically. Also, your textile is sometimes thin and you have too much thread density. Professionals will be able to answer your requests by making a file adapted to your textile that you want to embroider and especially a good density allowing you to avoid the stops of embroidery and thread breakage.


How to find customers?

You can ensure a presence on social networks and create Facebook Ads.

We invite you to create a Google My Business page and website especially if you have a physical workshop. This will allow you to have customers near you who can come and see your embroidery customization services.

Word of mouth goes very fast in embroidery customization. The prices are high and especially the production time is very long. If you manage to provide quality work and quickly word of mouth should allow you to ensure a continuous clientele.


How do I bill my customers?

In most cases, pricing is based on the number of stitches.

There are often two methods of pricing. Some shops charge a technical fee for digitizing the logo/design into an embroidery file and others do not charge this fee but the price per 1000 stitches will be higher.


  Pricing 1 Pricing 2
Technical fees for digitizing the embroidery file Between 50 and 180€ 0€
From 0 to 15 000 stitches 0.80 – 1.20€ per 1000 stitches 1 – 1.80€ per 1000 stitches
Over 15 000 stitches 0.50 – 0.80€ per 1000 stitches 0.70 – 1.20€ per 1000 stitches


Important: this pricing is given as an indication. The number of stitches gives you an indication of time. However, the number of color changes, the details of the design (which can decrease the speed) and the number of thread cutters are also elements that will increase the embroidery time of a logo. Thus, this pricing is to be adjusted according to the total embroidery time of a logo.

For example, a 10,000 stitch logo may take 12 minutes or up to 18 minutes if there are many thread trimmers and details. 7


Where do I get my fabric?

If you have relatively small quantities with less than 100/200 pieces, there are online wholesalers like for example.

For quantities over 200 pieces, we recommend you to contact directly the brands: Sol’s, Kariban, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Stanley/Stella.

You can then benefit from lower prices if you have a large volume of textiles to order.



If you want to know more about our industrial embroidery machines, please contact us for any question or request for quotation at

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