Our digital embroidery machine perfect for entrepreneurs and designers

A digital embroidery machine? You’ve never heard of it! But you still want to learn more about this industrial embroidery machine from our company Maison Broderie? Don’t panic, we’ll tell you everything in this article! So are you ready to discover computer-aided embroidery (CAE)?

What are the different types of digital embroidery machines that exist?

A digital embroidery machine, also known as a BAO, is simply computer-aided embroidery. This allows many entrepreneurs to embroider different fabrics or garments for example. However, it is important to note that there are different types:

Home embroidery machine: it can be used for personal use. The latter costs between €800 and €4,000. Sewing and embroidery machines. These are more expensive and must have a removable embroidery mechanism to operate.

Professional multi-needle embroidery machines: With colour change and automatic thread cutter for speed and serial embroidery.

Multi-head embroidery machines: Multiple embroidery machines that work with one integrated computer. Multi-head embroidery machines are used to embroider many series with significant time savings.

How does a digital embroidery machine work?

Would you like to know more about how a computer embroidery machine works? Don’t panic, we will tell you all about it. You should know that it is a machine that works like a sewing machine:

There is a thread for the design you want to draw.
A thread for the bobbin, which is normally not visible.

Once everything is set up, all you have to do is to reproduce the design directly from the computer. The design must be saved in advance and ready to use when you want to embroider on a T-shirt, for example.

What can I embroider with a digital embroidery machine?

With a digital embroidery machine you can embroider almost anything. But if it is to be done for professional use, here are some ideas that should certainly help you:

You can embroider your company logo. You can embroider your company’s logo, as this will allow you to have clothes to hand out to prospective customers at a trade fair, for example.
You can also embroider text: this can be your slogan or simply a phrase that represents your company.

You can also embroider a motif, a phrase or any other design. As you can see, whether you are an entrepreneur or a designer, this digital embroidery machine can be a really good idea. Indeed, it will allow you to have beautiful professional t-shirts, which is not negligible.

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