The advantages of computer-aided embroidery (CAE) or digital embroidery

Are you a fashion and embroidery enthusiast? And you are looking for a way to make embroideries with your designs. Whether you are a designer or an entrepreneur, Maison Broderie offers you a quality embroidery machine! Discover in this article, the computer-assisted embroidery (CAE), a pure marvel to « industrialize » your creations.

How to make a digital embroidery?

To carry out digital embroidery, you need an embroidery machine with a computer. Once the device is set up, you must follow a few essential steps.

  • Creation of the design to be embroidered: this is the image to be printed on the garment or fabric. At this level, all types of designs can be used. It can be a logo, a shape, a sentence… Once the graphic element has been chosen, we move on to the next step.
  • Transferring the image to the digital embroidery machine: here you need to upload your file to the machine via a USB stick. This will allow you to visualise your design, logo or other motifs on the computer, which will then be embroidered and thus reproduced on the chosen material. Once the machine has integrated what it needs to do, the process continues.
  • Starting the process of embroidering the image on the fabric: here the machine does the work. Once it has registered the work to be done, it is ready to start. All that remains to be done is to program the number of passes to be made and the parameters, and it’s done.


What are the advantages of computer-aided embroidery?

Computerized embroidery has so many advantages:

  • Computerized embroidery is very suitable for personalizing clothing, caps, fabrics. It allows the realization of numerous designs with a wide range of colours.
  • It limits the cases of rework: with manual embroidery, there can be mistakes. With digital embroidery, the fact that a mock-up is produced beforehand means that the machine-designed image can be modified several times before the embroidery process is launched. The result is professional!
  • Machine embroidery is faster: unlike handmade embroidery, machine embroidery is much faster. This means that more requests can be met in a short time.
  • All types of designs can be produced easily and quickly. Once the design is transferred to the computer, it can be reproduced as many times as possible without errors.
  • Digital embroidery promotes sales. As it has become more popular, customers have found that computer embroidery produces masterpieces.  Items that are more beautiful and original than those made by hand. From that point on, the demand for machine-made products increased and they are in high demand. And high demand means high sales.

Maison Broderie specialises in the sale of embroidery machines and in particular in computer-assisted embroidery. Between perfection and time saving, digital embroidery is the guarantee of a unique result. In addition, if you want customised clothing and fabrics, whatever the design, you are served with our BAO.

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