What are the different embroidery techniques?

What is embroidery?

Embroidery is defined as the art of decorating fabrics with a flat pattern. It is made of simple threads or sometimes materials such as pearls, precious stones, sequins are integrated. There are three main types of embroidery: manual embroidery (handmade with a needle or hook), semi-mechanical embroidery (machine-made) and finally mechanical (industrial) embroidery. Let’s discover together the existing embroidery techniques.

Some embroidery techniques

Cross stitch

Still called counted stitch embroidery, cross stitch is a perfect embroidery technique for beginners, and even children. This embroidery technique requires: a canvas that can be counted, a drum, embroidery thread, an embroidery needle and a pattern chart. Beads, sequins or other things can be added to embellish your work.

It is a popular technique to embroider cross-stitches to form patterns by putting these crosses side by side. It is therefore important to have a fabric with a clearly visible weft, as this is where you can easily apply this embroidery technique.

Classic embroidery

This is a common embroidery technique that consists of simply embroidering with a thread and needle following a design and using different stitches to easily vary the graphics. It is a technique that can be adapted to all types of textiles, as it is based on the line of the design to be followed and not on the weft.

Ribbon embroidery

Ribbon embroidery is an embroidery technique that consists of embroidering with a thin silk ribbon instead of thread. It is an embroidery technique dating from the 17th century. It is widely used nowadays to make flowers.

Lunéville embroidery

This is an embroidery technique that consists of embroidering pearls and sequins. It is an embroidery technique dating from the 17th century.

Beauvais stitch

This is an embroidery technique that is done in chain with a hook. The technique consists of stitching the hook from top to bottom while picking up the thread underneath the fabric by hand.

Needle painting

This is a well-known embroidery technique that allows you to reproduce the gradations of a painted motif. It is possible to simply use threads and a needle. It is necessary here to multiply the stitches to fill the motif and to vary with the colours for each desired shape.

Gold thread embroidery

This is an embroidery technique that uses a very special thread called Cannetille. This thread allows for metallic reflections in the embroidery.

Machine embroidery

This is an embroidery technique with countless possibilities. It is an embroidery machine that is electronically programmed to produce the chosen designs, with one or more needles embroidering at the same time. It is a very precise and fast technique. With this embroidery machine you can make small series of embroidered objects with an identical design. If you want precision and above all a large number of designs to be embroidered with very little effort, the machine is your solution.

What does Maison Broderie offer?

Maison Broderie, in order to help you to make high level embroidery, offers you a semi-industrial embroidery machine. The machine proposed meets all the criteria and has very innovative features. It is a machine that refines your embroidery technique. It has 12 needles, a USB stick with 160,000 built-in designs, a 35×50cm embroidery surface, a DAHAO 10″ LCD computer and 10 accessories supplied with the machine. It is a very easy to use machine that brings all the comfort and beautiful texture to your fabrics.

Our digital embroidery machine is easy to set up and in fact, you have a complete video guide on the USB key to use it. We can help you install embroidery software very easily. Just plug in the stick, choose the model and the machine will do the rest. You receive your machine already assembled and we guarantee the reliability of our machine. Buy your machine from us and embroidery will be a piece of cake for you.

Over time, embroidery techniques have evolved. You had to trust your own precision and above all stay focused. Nowadays, we can use digital embroidery machines for more varied and precise creations.

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