Which embroidery software should I use?

Our professional 15 needle embroidery machine can read « .DST » files.

A DST file stores embroidery stitches and associates them with colours. After associating a needle of your embroidery machine with each colour in your « .DST » file, you can start your embroidery! The work will be done by itself: colour change and automatic thread cutter.

But which embroidery software should you use to make your embroideries?

The classic: PE-Design

Have you ever worked on a single-needle embroidery machine with « .pst » files? Do you have the PE-Design software on your computer? You should know that this software allows you to save your files in « .DST » format for our embroidery machine.

This way, you will be able to keep all your files and create them on our embroidery machine.

PE-Design has many features and the automatically generated embroidery stitches are satisfactory. However, the software is often criticized for being too complex and time-consuming to learn.


Favourite: Hatch from Wilcom

Hatch is a recent software published by Wilcom. There are already several software packages published by Wilcom that have proven their worth. For example, Wilcom Embroidery studio e4.

Due to the positive feedback from our customers, we have tested the 30-day trial of the Hatch software. After this trial, we recommend that you download the software yourself! A more intuitive interface than other software, many features and above all a digitisation of your logos/images which generates automatic embroidery stitches of good quality.

How do I download the 30 day trial version of Hatch?

The Hatch website is entirely in English. However, you can download your software in French to try it for 30 days. To do this, you just need to create a customer account on their website: https://hatchembroidery.com/

Click on « Download free trial » then « Create a free account for your trial ».



You arrive on this page which asks you for several information

to create your account.

You will receive an email that will allow you to validate your account. Once your account has been validated, you can return to the site at the page: https://hatchembroidery.com/free-trial/

in order to download your trial version in English.



What are the alternatives for generating embroidery files?

If you don’t want to work on an embroidery software, it is possible to order embroidery files in « DST » format from professionals.

To do this, you can go to platforms such as « 5euros.com » or « Fiverr.com »: https://5euros.com/recherche?q=broderie+dst

You can also use the built-in computer of our embroidery machine to create letters or numbers. Our embroidery machine has 10 different fonts. You have the possibility to merge several files. We invite you to consult our user manual and the videos on your USB stick to learn how to create files from your embroidery machine and how to merge several files.

Finally, some sites offer « .dst » embroidery files for a fee or not.

To find free designs, you can go to embroiderydesigns.com

The Royal-present.com site offers a wide range of embroidery files sorted by category.

The site brodshop.com also offers several embroidery designs for free or for unlimited download with a subscription price of 9.99€/month. Brod Shop guarantees « more than 60 original creations every month ».

Getting to grips with embroidery software takes time. Our embroidery machine can read all files in « .dst » format. In this article, only two embroidery programs are presented. If you wish to use another software, please check that the « .dst » format is supported by the software.

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding embroidery software or our Maison Broderie embroidery machine.

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